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MISSION Statement

The mission of Project THUMPER is to humanize people that have a different view of the world than our own. This project seeks to break the norm of demonizing and cutting ties from those who think differently when it comes to politics.  

The goal of Project THUMPER is not to persuade or change any minds, or even to seek agreement, but to help each of us understand others from their individual perspective. We need not agree with someone in order to understand them. We can understand them and still disagree. The goal is to learn to let someone disagree, and still see them as a decent person deserving of kindness and respect.

This project is not for everyone.  If you suspect that social media might have something to do with how badly we treat each other - and if you are sick of it - then please, keep scrolling. 

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This is not about common ground. 
This is about common decency.


Take the Pledge

For 15 days do not comment or reply publicly to any political social media post, but do interact. During that time, respond to other people only through direct, 1:1 communication. This can be via messenger, email, text, phone call, anything that encourages an exchange of ideas between 2 individuals. How much you post during that time is up to you.

These conversations are tough.  Please check out the Advice & Toolbox section before you start.  

Share the Pledge

Share your thoughts in a post or in a video to spread word of Project THUMPER:

Why do you think this is important? 

Is it worth taking the time to change course?

Share our website and use the hashtags that embody our goals:

#projectTHUMPER #humanize #JustTalkToMe

If you aren’t sure what to write, we’ve got you covered.  Keep scrolling to check out a post you can copy and paste.  ​

Share the Wins

Did you have a good conversation? 
Were you glad you connected? 
Send snippets to projectthumperinfo@gmail.clom
Make sure to get permission from the other party!

What Success Looks like

“I am so happy we got to chat, always good to hear another perspective, especially from an old friend.  Please let’s keep in contact and feel free to share articles or opinions with me whenever you want  Thank you so much for messaging me!”



Here is a sample of what you can post to your social media account to share Project THUMPER and the pledge.

This is my pledge to slow the spread.  


Divisiveness. Polarization. Rhetoric. Anger. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Perhaps the one and only thing all Americans can agree on is that these words define today’s political landscape. Our social media platforms demonize and dehumanize. We no longer talk to people, we talk at them or use their space to speak to the ether. I’m tired of seeing people pitted against each other. I’m tired of seeing people concentrated and simplified into one of 2 boxes. These boxes are not red and blue, republican and democrat, conservative and liberal. These boxes are US and THEM.  We feed this beast by perpetuating the echo chamber driven by what news we watch and the algorithms on our feed. 


Instead of being part of the problem, I am going to be part of the solution.  


The divisiveness has been spreading for too long and we need to flatten the curve.  


I pledge 15 days to stop the spread of demonization. 


I pledge 15 days to stop the spread of rhetoric.


I pledge 15 days to stop the spread of hate. 


This is not about common ground, this is about common decency.

For 15 days I will not comment or reply publicly to any social media post.  During that time, I will share my thoughts only through direct, 1:1 communication. If its not important, it can wait a couple of weeks, if it is important it deserves a conversation.  My 15 days start today.  How about you?

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