We are ALL in this

How We Got Here

Would you consider someone a close friend if you only interacted via social media, but never met?

If social media presence isn’t the thing that forges meaningful relationships, why can it so often shape, define and break them? This perspective does not intend to give a free pass to antagonistic online behavior, but to highlight how hard it is to fully capture a person's essence without real time interaction.

Social media is an amazing tool to connect with more people across the world. Unfortunately, we project online personas onto the real world, more than we infuse real world context into online personas. This is not about celebrities, commentators, or anyone you met just once. This is about people you actually know and, once upon a time, actually liked.

A profile does not substitute for character.

Let’s recognize this disconnect.

Let’s humanize other people.

It's time to start talking.

Image by Jesse Bowser

It Starts With You

Project THUMPER wants you to join us to help people realize that things need not be this way. Divisiveness has spread for far too long. Let's see how we can flatten the curve.

To take part,

Pledge 15 days to stop the spread of demonization. 

Pledge 15 days to stop the spread of rhetoric.

Pledge 15 days to stop the spread of hate. 

This is not about common ground, this is about common decency. Be a source of light, not a source of darkness. Show people on “the other side” that your perspectives don’t automatically diminish your character. Show that you can listen, and do.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


A NOTE from the Creator

In discussing the idea for this project my wise brother-in-law used the term “humanizing” and it stuck. (He also happens to be a Rabbi, so he knows stuff.)  

Definition from Google:

1. make (something) more humane or civilized.

2. give (something) a human character.

These definitions and their application to Project THUMPER refer to 1-to-1 interactions. They also refer to how we view individuals. It’s a shame to disregard the complexity and uniqueness carried by each person through his perspectives and experiences. We all have a lot to give, to say and to share with the world.  

Personal Disclaimer:

I realize there will be individuals who may try to undermine Project THUMPER by citing my own past. To them, and to all, this is my message:

It is through observing the default of divisive rhetoric on social media not just in others, but in myself, that I am creating this initiative. Not only do I suspect that my past can be used to highlight “what not to do” - I know it.

I have been part of the problem. I am trying to do and be better. It is through this introspection that I realize the importance of reaching out, connecting, and humanizing.


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